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    , elmer wrote


    Not only but also... quite a number of CTO's have apparently NOT been laughed out of the meeting, and have indeed implemented Google Apps as a company standard.

    I won't blame them. I think technically Office and Windows (Active Directory etc.) are better suited for the business environment, but Microsoft's amok run in the past 18 months was just phenomenal. I mean they don't even have a LOB framework story now. WinRT is a joke and limited to a single version anyways (a version that has about the same presence in biz like Ubuntu), Silverlight is dead and WPF.. lingering somewhere in the nether world? The whole situation is a complete joke. I think the mess stems from Ballmer's mad zeal at Apple. And the strategy is... to copy Apple by the letter! How's that gonna work? It's _way_ beyond rational anymore.

    MS need to accept that you cannot out-Gucci Gucci. Microsoft tries just that with their outrageous Surface prices. Their strategy to ape Apple is obviously doomed to fail. Microsoft is giving away all their crown jewels - the vast software library (RT), the huge existing dev/user base (all the W8 annoyance), their standing in IT departments of businesses - to chase Apple by being Apple for ..what's the target audience? Why not buy the original Gucci? What is this "Nu Microsoft" (outrageous hardware prices + short release cycles + hipster GUI) for? People who like Apple products but.. don't like the company itself!? That's pretty much the only audience I can think of that MS can target with their recent tactics. How's that a good strategy?