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    "Less user friendly than DOS"


    Here's a true story. I had a floppy disk with a game on it that was played on a computer at work (during lunch). A friend of mine had an uncle that had an acquaintance that left the country for a year or so and left his computer (IBM) with my friends uncle. The computer owner was a doctor by which I mean he had a Ph.D., which somewhat explains why he could afford his own computer as well as explain why he had a computer in the first place. ( I realize these statements may confuse young people of today, but computers in the early 80s were expensive and primarily used in business or academia for research purposes). Anyway, the main point I want to make is that I put the floppy disk into that doctors computer, and didn't know what to do next, nor did my friend and his uncle. At work the technologist had always had the game up and running, ready for play. So don't try to tell me that a person can walk up to a computer with nor prior knowledge of the system and be able to start using it from a Dos command line while having great difficulty with the new Windows 8 interface.


    Another cute anecdote: When I was considering purchasing my first PC, one of the technologist (Rob Rhodes) at work suggested to me that I probably wouldn't find a use for a computer. Another statement a young person today might find surprising.


    And another thought, I recently upgraded the amount of ram in my computer and I was thinking back to when ram was selling for $35 dollars a MB and I realized that I had just put what would have cost a million dollars in the 1990s worth of ram, but it only cost me about $150.00.