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    That's an understandable concern to have, but in my years here I really don't see a large MS community from MS to push away.  And if there was, they likely stopped participating long ago when the CoffeHouse had a lot more legitimate trolls rather than Windows OS fans (like myself) who just seem exasperated by the direction the company has taken lately, or rather the seemingly lack of direction.  The clampdown on them has improved things.

    I don't expect that senior MS officials are looking at these forums (not that it would do much good - lord knows the feedback from the Building Windows 8 blogs was fierce - albeit with lots of spittle - but largely ignored), but I do expect that the people who take the time to sign up are those that at least have more than a passing interest in seeing MS succeed.  I expect a little rah-rahing here as compared to other forums and that's fine, but your past message seemed to indicate that any critique of Win8 was out of bounds which seemed more than a bit much.

    So I agree at least, general "Win8 sucks and everyone hates it!" posts probably aren't worthwhile and I'll try to cap them from the start.  Conversely though, any critique responded with "You just don't like change!" is equally vacuous and doesn't foster decent discussion either, and emotions spiral.

    Bear in mind this is the CoffeHouse, I wouldn't expect these types of discussions to be in Tech Off.   I think a little back and forth on MS as an organization overall and how their products are emerging should be acceptable as long as there is some well thought out perspective and actual content to debate.