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View Thread: New anti-Win8 video is making rounds
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    Sven Groot

    I have no problem with people voicing their complaints about Windows 8. Heck, if you check my posting history I was very vocal about not liking the changes back at the DP and CP. But then I actually gave the final version a real chance, and found that after a few weeks, it really doesn't matter.

    Yeah, I would rather not have a full screen start menu replacement, but in the end, the fact that it's full screen doesn't actually hinder me like I thought it would. Yeah, I'd rather have better windowed and multi-monitor support for metro apps, but for the literally two metro apps that I routinely use (MetroTwit and Rain Alert) it doesn't actually bother me like I thought it would. Yeah, I would rather have the start menu MRU list compared to the "let's dump everything here and let the user sort it out" method the start screen uses when you install something new, but in the end that was only an issue during the first day when I actually installed a lot of stuff. Yeah, shutdown is hard to find but once you know where it is, you're fine.

    And there are things I legitimately do like in Windows 8. I like the live tiles and the overall look of the start screen. I like how fast and fluid it feels. I really like the improvements to the desktop experience (primarily the new task manager and the improvements to explorer). I like the pervasive spell check. And on a smaller screen (even my non-touch capable 13" laptop), the full screen metro experience is actually quite nice (I found myself using metro apps a lot more when on the road with only the laptop).

    My only real complaint, the thing that actually does bother me as much as I was expecting it to, is that the start screen's search can't search all categories at once like the start menu did. It's annoying when I want to search for a file or control panel item because it takes an additional click.

    What Windows 9 needs is more consistency, and more thought into how to integrate the metro and desktop worlds. They're too much two separate layers at the moment. People with big screens or multiple screens need to be able to run multiple metro apps side-by-side (like a 50/50 split, not just docked at the side of the screen) even if windowed metro apps aren't allowed (which I would like but do find unlikely to happen). And they need to give real thought about what belongs in the metro settings app and what belongs in the desktop control panel, because right now that appears to have been determined by flipping a coin.

    Other than that, none of the things I "hated" about Windows 8 back during the DP and CP actually hinder me. Windows 8 is not harder to use nor is it less productive. It's just different. Better in some aspects and worse in others. Whether the negatives outweigh the positives is a matter of personal preference, and how long you're willing to spend getting used to it.

    So I don't mind it if people don't like Windows 8. I can see their concerns, I used to share them, but it turns out that in the end, for me, most of them aren't a problem after using it for an extended period of time. But I'm not you, so it could be that you have genuine problems with it, and that's fine.

    What I do mind is people saying the same thing over and over and over. I know exactly who likes and does not like Windows 8 on this forum by now, and for what reasons. Repeating the same things over and over again does not change anything. It doesn't make MS more likely to notice or make it more likely for those of us who do like it to change our mind. All it achieves is suppressing more constructive discourse on this fourm.

    So to Wastingtimewithforums and the others I say this: we get it. You don't like it, and we understand why you don't like it. You don't need to repeat that again and again, because you're not going to change our minds any more than we are going to change yours.