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View Thread: New anti-Win8 video is making rounds
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    , evildictait​or wrote


    To me, C9 is at its best when the discussions are about kernel changes (like Singuarity), language features like async, how stuff works (like Landy Wang's memory manager, C++ of N, etc).


    That's why I say I'm bored of anti-Win8 threads. It's because they're boring, not going to be resolved here and damage C9's community.

    I think most people who frequent these forums are technology enthusiasts not representative of the general public but to some extent of programmers and power users. The content of Channel 9 is not narrowly defined to be about kernel videos and so neither should the forum discourse be. Debate should just be in a sober tone but not everybody master that discipline. That said, when you make products that are used by a large part of the world populus, you have to be prepared for feedback, even crazy feedback - but of course moderation helps.

    I hope to see much research and development in the UI and UX space. I find this kind of technology just as interesting as deep kernel improvements and one of the places where I expect (hope) many changes in the coming years. Wasn't it something like 400+ developers working on "Avalon" for 5+ years? So we are talking about thousands of man-years poured into a GUI framework. It has interesting interactions with programming language development, etc. So it's not  a trivial area.

    Embrace and extend. Smiley