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View Thread: New anti-Win8 video is making rounds
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    , Sven Groot wrote


    But that's not what your argument was. Your argument was that any change where the new version is not immediately intuitive to anyone who has used the old version is forbidden.

    Look, it's not even for the better. Even most Win8 fans don't exactly praise the interface, they just tell that they have managed to develop a workflow (lots of keyboard shortcuts, pinning etc.) that allows them to avoid Metro.

    , Sven Groot wrote

    Windows 95 was not intuitive to someone who used Windows 3.11 for a long time (I remember hating the taskbar initially). So according to you, they shouldn't have introduced it, fallback or not. And I challenge anyone who has never used Windows 95 before to figure out how to start the old-style Program Manager without looking it up (iirc, there was no shortcut for it. You have to do start, run, progman.exe or browse to the file using Explorer).

    OK, maybe it wasn't clear what I meant. I am for change, when the change is for the better. But even then, there should be a fallback.

    Win95 had an option for progman startup at setup if you installed it as an upgrade over Windows. It was also widely documented in the PC magazines of that time and most users were far more "power user" than today and read them.