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    , wastingtime​withforums wrote

    How the heck is the metro menu better?

    I didn't say the metro menu is better. I just said the old start menu was crap and that this nostalgia for the old start menu is not bourne out by the data that Microsoft actually collects.

    People just didn't use most of the features in the start menu. It is old fashioned and out of date. In Windows7 the huge majority of users of the start menu were for three features: The shutdown/hibernate/restart button, the search box and the "control panel/computer/documents" buttons. Practically nobody used the folder structure and although the random collection of recently used apps were widely used in Vista, they were very much not used in Windows 7 because people pinned their apps instead.

    So anyway, argue to your hearts content that the metro screen is rubbish or not a suitable replacement, but don't go on about how Microsoft attempting to improve or remove features that people weren't using anyway is somehow going to cause the world to end, or that is was our favourite feature in Windows and that any change of the start menu is somehow going to cause users to be unable to use their machine.

    So, the MS CEP -- you're talking about that checkbox we see now and then in Windows and other MS apps that people uncheck almost automatically, right?

    Perversely, opting out of MSCEP is a data point collected by Microsoft, and the vast majority (>95%) of users (including corporate users) are opted in, although that doesn't include people who don't ever allow their computer to connect to the Internet.