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View Thread: New anti-Win8 video is making rounds
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    , Sven Groot wrote

    And I challenge anyone who has never used Windows 95 before to figure out how to start the old-style Program Manager without looking it up (iirc, there was no shortcut for it. You have to do start, run, progman.exe or browse to the file using Explorer).

    That's a very poor example.  Program Manager came from Windows 3.x and in Windows 95 it was replaced by Windows Explorer.  Program Manager still existed but served no real purpose other than compatibility with Windows 3.x programs. That's why it was hard to find and why most people running Windows 95 probably never had any need to ever use it.

    And that's an important point that need to be made.   It's perfectly OK for some obscure or less frequently used features to not be immediately obvious.  But having no obvious way to do something as simple as turn off the computer or exit a program is a much bigger problem.

    Sure the guy's video is too overly dramatic.  Unfortunately he made the video for the wrong reason -- he's a freelance writer trying to generate some buzz about himself.  However, other than the overly dramatic dramatization, he does make some very valid points.

    I really wanted to like Windows 8, just as I've liked every other version of Windows   But I find Windows 8 to be a big disappointment.  The issue is not change.  No reasonable person is against change.  But not all changes are good.  And that's one of the big problems -- nobody seems to be willing to admit that it's possible to make changes that are bad.

    Oh well, the good news is that my copies of Windows 7 aren't going to evaporate off my computers.