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    , mstefanik wrote


    So here's this shiney new thing designed for consuming content on tables and phones, but you desktop people who create content? You're a shrinking profit center for us and we're not going to spend any significant effort on you -- we're just going to phone it in and give you a "desktop app" to work in.

    It's not just 'content creators'.

    Where I work we have a lot of people functioning in 'call centre' type of tasks - handling complex customer requests over the phone. Each are running dual-large-monitor desktops and using multiple apps on the screens, typing in details, copy/pasting from one to another, and reading to the customer from multiple sources.

    Each call is a potential 'sale' and losing just one of those because the operator couldn't do the task the way they were used to, would be expensive. Touch apps are just not going to cut it for us, and the Win8 desktop doesn't give us what we want/need.

    While I'm sure we could make Win8 work and re-train our staff (although not a trivial exercise in itself) it just doesn't stack up when Win7 already does the job we want. Hence, we will only be buying on a 'need to replace hardware' basis, as we have no need to buy for a 'upgrade the O/S' basis.