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View Thread: New anti-Win8 video is making rounds
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    Windows is fine OS. It is just that, to honest, its starting to lose some of that fineness. If i could go back to using a native installation of XP, I would. Unfortunately, my laptop is so new-age, that half the hardware in it does not have supporting drivers available for it to run XP... Even more pathetic, it came with Vista on it, and when i went out to buy a cheap Bluetooth USB dongle, the included driver cd was only compatible with XP and lower. Here is the real kicker; Since upgrading to Windows 7, that same Bluetooth dongle is working, without even needing the drivers from the cd.

    Unlike a fine wine, Windows seems to be getting worse with age.

    Like a fine wine, people still are willing to pay more and more for fermented stale juice in a bottle.

    I suppose that is enough ranting from me.