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View Thread: New anti-Win8 video is making rounds
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    Mr Crash

    BitFlipper wrote


    There's still hope though... Once it becomes clear that very few people really want or care for the Metro UI on a desktop computer, MS can release a patch that restores previous desktop functionality. That includes restoring the Start menu as well as unfuglyfying the desktop UI again. Technically this shouldn't be too difficult and should not break any compatibility. The Metro UI can still be an option, just not shoved down our throats.

    Microsoft admitting they were wrong and lied when they said the ui had been tested by real Neutral testers.

    Never going to happen. Would be like christians admitting their religion is wrong and based on a sci-fi book.

    Microsoft will most likely lock in the users even more and try to be more controlling like apple in windows 9.

    Wouldn't surprise me if open source and hobby development were completely forbidden in w9.
    They have already made it difficult and slowed down boot up of all open source OS:s with the "secure boot" bullshit. Of course we know secure boot was only a anti-piracy measure but come on. Where was the common sense when hardware vendors were forced into this ?

    Where is the common sense in the industry at all really these days ?

    When will they realize that people that pirated windows will just move to linux ?

    This whole thing pisses me off immensely.

    I miss the good old days when tech companies were smart and used common sense.

    Who is to blame for this stupification ?

    Bosses do not listen to their employees and the company do not listen to its income source (consumers).

    How come morons are able to get into a position that can damage a company so ?

    This is the political scene all over again.