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    Channel 9 team. It is for things like this you have a job. 



    one day in the lunch room in building 25 I happened to have a chat with the great Anders Hejlsberg about compilers (yeah, it was pretty cool). One thing he mentioned (in passing I might add) was that there is a huge gap between the way compilers are taught in school and the way compilers are implemented nowadays. I mentioned (again in passing) that we should do a whiteboard on the the topic for Channel 9. He agreed!


    Many years ago when the boss decided to create Channel9 it was because he wanted Microsoft to be the type of open company that had a strong solid honest connection with its customers and Charles and Seth embraced that by creating video like this one. Just check you own about page for the details.

    You don't want to be that company any more? You want to be more like oracle, apple, SAP or IBM where nobody gets to know anything except for press releases?