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New spambot in town

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    Blue Ink

    A spambot that sourges the forum and rehases some of the comments is nothing new. But one that does so without adding a link to some external site just seems pointless... does anybody have a clue about what purpose it accomplishes?

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    Nobody's bot is perfect. The programmer is probably trying a proof of concept without being to suspicious yet.

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    Apart from he does in fact post a link. Look at the source:

    <p>These ads didn't leave me with any impression, unfortunately. They just weren't exciting at all<a href="~">.</a></p>

    C9 really needs to get on top of this either by automatically redirecting all of the posted links to an internal "you're leaving C9" page, manually verifying all of the links posted on the forum by new folk before they become "live" or keeping a much closer eye on new members of the forum.

    These link spammers are not only annoying - if the links they post take google spiders to illegal sites it will tarnish the channel9 rating on sites like google - and if channel9 is less visible on the Internet, it becomes less useful to Microsoft.

    If they want a forum they need to moderate it properly to stop abuse.

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    @reply to post: Agreed 100%

    If this site is becoming a testing ground for spambots then something has gone seriously awry.


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    @reply to post: It probably started going awry when C9 started posting a ton of videos of the sorts that weren't being posted when Scoble was around. There's some good stuff but it's all about the perception, if there's 1 interesting video listed on front page to 5 that I'm most definitely not interested in, that's pretty poor show. I was tempted to say YouTube is better but infact, while it's better when I'm already watching a video of interest, the front page of youtube usually promotes some horrible stuff so I never visit it through the front page. Amazon is bit better showing the "Customers who viewed this also viewed" on the front page which has a better chance of showing something of interest.

    Content provider of any kind needs to remember there's a lot of things to do on the internet, so if they want attention, the front page filtering/promotion system needs to be smart. Presenting a lot of "uninteresting noise" will drive users to look elsewhere because of the perceived S/N ratio.

    If I put a search for sharepoint stuff or click sharepoint tag here, then that's a hint that maybe you should show me sharepoint related stuff in future (but if I don't click them in future then decrease "interest counter"). What I'm really saying though, is, that since I haven't done either, I don't really want to see sharepoint related videos on the front page unless it's some major announcement like a new major version overview/keynote.

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    There are also bots that post on Wikis using the editing tool. I hope C9 doesn't get grunged up with a bunch of wiki spam too...

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    @reply to post (Androidi):

    You have to remember this is a propaganda, er I mean evangelist, site for all things that are Microsoft development. They'll push whatever they want us to believe. Kind of like ClearChannel playing music on their radio stations for artists they want to promote.

    That negative aspect aside I do find the videos here (C++/HTML/JS BS aside) very useful and would hate to see Microsoft pull the plug on it. I think you're right about the videos on the front page: they really need two feeds -- "what's new" and "what's popular". The latter may be embarrasing for the windiv guys though as they see their c++ videos sink to the bottom of that list. Smiley


    If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
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    Blue Ink

    @reply to post: Good catch, totally missed that one. It also shows that our new friend isn't so new after all; C9 hasn't become a testing ground for spambots.

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    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    @reply to post (Androidi):

    You have to remember this is a propaganda, er I mean evangelist, site for all things that are Microsoft development.  

    The irony of you having their flagship development product in your name and avatar is all the more sweet?

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