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View Thread: Next XBOX specs - MS going conservative
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    Sven Groot

    I hope the new generation of consoles will have some decent hardware. As a PC gamer, it's just annoying that our experience is limited by what the consoles can handle on games that are available on multiple platforms.

    Basically, 99% of requests made on the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer forums is denied because of this.

    "Can we have more enemies at once?" "No, the consoles can't handle it."
    "Can we have characters with more pets?" "No, the consoles can't handle it."
    "Can we have dark maps using flashlights like in the single player?" "No, the consoles can't handle it."
    "Why do the new areas in Firebase White (modified in a recent DLC) look so plain?" "The old version of the map was already designed to fill the memory limit on the consoles, so we couldn't add many new assets."

    And so forth...