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    , Klaus Enevoldsen wrote

    I'am pretty sure that the next version of Xbox is only 2-3 years away, but how bold will Microsoft be?

     Will it be without a DVD/Blu-ray drive? Download all content from Xbox Live?

    Will it be with 3D support?

    Will it have a SSD drive (no moving parts - besides cooling)

    Will it have USB 3 so that Kinect can use all the bandwidth that it needs for better quality of the cameras?

    Will Kinect be included in the launch setup?

    Will Kinect be HD?

    Will Kinect use a wide angle lens, so that you don't need a large free space to play (two people at a time)?

    Will Xbox V.Next rock?


    Speculation can begin now!

    Will include BR and support the same XBL download service. You will not be able to download newest games, only games that are released for awhile. I am not MS, but, I am 99.8% sure of this.

    Xbox (ChessMasster) and Xbox360 (I forgot which game) supports 3D. Not sure if they want to do a generalized support on it.

    No SSD, too expensive. Will have internal Flash for OS, just like X360.

    USB3 most likely. It is cheap anyway (I assume it is cheap).

    Will have bundle, but, not a standard. I am also 99.8% sure of this. If they want to mandatory it, they might as well throw away controllers.

    Kinnect be HD? Not sure what you are asking when Kinnect games are HD. As for the camera itself, it is pointless going into HD. Kinnect already can track eye brows, so, IMO, it is already HD enough.

    Hummm..... wide angle? Don't know. There are only few decent camera like Lumix has "REAL" 25mm wide angle. Wide angle is not that easy I assume. Most wide angle out there is fake by cuting the top and bottom down.

    Speculation for now is too early. But, rest assure, it is DX11 or higher, meaning tesselation will be a key.