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I'am pretty sure that the next version of Xbox is only 2-3 years away, but how bold will Microsoft be?


There was a thread on a similar topic last year, in which I said:


While the costs of building such a player will no doubt drop between now and then... given the current investments that Microsoft is making in the existing 360 platform & ecosystem... I’d be flabbergasted if they were to be any eighth generation console in 2012, let alone from Microsoft... doubly so if the economy is still struggling (which it will be).
2015 (*maybe* 2014) is the earliest I would expect to see Microsoft release something in the 8th generation.


Mark my words, it's not going to be 2-3 years before we see an eighth generation console which bears the name of Xbox.


1.Without a doubt it will have a Bluray drive.


Also in that thread I said:


Or for that matter... why do you think Microsoft hasn’t released a Blu-ray add-on for the 360 (similar to the HD-DVD add-on)?
The answer (as far as I can determine) lies in the Sun v Microsoft settlement.


As far as I know, Microsoft's agreement with Sun restricts them from using the Java trademark for their own software and releasing their own JVM under that name (which is why the J# was allowed).
Microsoft could easily license Sun/Oracle's orginal Java VM as part of Blu-Ray.


Again, you really need to look (or dig) into what you are claiming.