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Nexus 7 tablet sales approaching 1m a month

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  • vesuvius

    Pretty solid sales figures, and I think they are set to increase over Christmas. Maybe I am too close to the developer community, but, like the Kindle, this is selling like hotcakes and cannot be ignored.

    I think the sweet spot they have is a remarkable price, for pretty good software. WinRT is not as polished yet, but no doubt will be but is still a high class object. I think Microsoft is taking a gamble in competing with Apple, and having no low end option.

    I wouldn't hesitate to get my nephew and niece one of these for the price, and I know they won't complain too much either about the apps, looks or features.

  • spivonious


    Nexus 7: roughly 2 million for the quarter.

    iPad: 14 million for the quarter

    Surface: no numbers yet, but pre-orders did sell out online. I'd guess a couple hundred thousand.


    And of course, we can't forget the 4 million Windows 8 upgrades this weekend. That's just an incredible number.


    Of course, sales numbers don't mean much in the long-run. My parents-in-law both have Kindle Fires. They haven't touched them since a month after they bought them last Christmas.


  • Srikanth_t

    Yes. Add myself to that count. I am getting this as a gift to someone.

  • vesuvius

    @spivonious: If you look at 7 - 12 year olds, they spend most of their time on youtube (they are the biggest source of strange dislikes, as they are young hence unknowledgeable), and all the popular social networking sites like facebook and so on.

    Add the ability to play games and watch TV via Wi-Fi streaming, and you have the total entertainment device, which is the market the high end tablets are missing, and Google get their customers at a very young age, with data trails for the rest of their lives.

    This of course is despicable, in parts, but you won't find a single person under 20 with a Nexus device that will go unused for more than a few hours (or days if I am their parent)

  • spivonious

    @vesuvius: There's definitely a 7" tablet market, but I think the numbers get skewed because the price is low enough to be an impulse buy. Look at all of the Wiis that Nintendo sold. I don't know anyone who is still regularly using theirs (myself included).

  • JoshRoss

    I bought one for testing and was sorely disappointed. In the end, Android is Android, and as such is exciting as picking up a schizophrenic street hooker in newspaper underwear. Oh well.


  • Erisan

    I'm definitely interested to buy one. Canonical is already working on Ubuntu support for Nexus 7 but as a Fedora user I'm more interested about to get Fedora installed to it. Fedora+GNOME sounds just perfect for me.

    Youtube: Ubuntu running Nexus 7

  • davewill

    @JoshRoss: LOL

  • vesuvius

    , JoshRoss wrote

    is exciting as picking up a schizophrenic street hooker in newspaper underwear.


    Dude, that's exactly what I'm looking for!

    Jokes aside, I am yet to meet an iPhone or iPad user that has taken to Android, but for most people, as an entry level device, you have a browser to visit your websites and youtube works great, so for non-connoisseurs of which they are many, Nexus is the way to go.

  • Harlequin

    Is it me, or is Newspaper Underwear not a great name for a band.=)

    Our Surface got here yesterday, but sales guy is taking it to show off our Windows 8 apps today, and I only played with it for a minute. A pretty solid machine. I'm still getting the Lenovo Yoga, but the Surface should do well.

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