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Niner Language Survey

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    In the spirit of

    Let's have an informal survey on the top programming languages used by niners day to day.

    These are not the languages you wish you could program in all day long but the ones you mostly use.

    So list the top three (or less) programming languages you work with.

    Do you appreciate the languages you work with or would you switch if you had the chance? (Bearing in mind what current languages are out there - not potential future ones.)

    What do you most and least appreciate about your languages and why.

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    Well I'm a masters student so what language I'm using depends on which class I'm doing work for.


    Artificial Intelligence :  C# 

    Discrete Optimization Algorithms: MATLAB

    Parallel Computing: C.   Though for my end of semester project I'm using C++ 


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    For personal project: C#

    For school work: Java, Ruby, (and some C/C++)

    I wish we didn't have to use Java, but fortunately our school is slowly killing it off. I appreciate C# for keeping me productive...I find I don't have to wrestle with the environment or worry about tiny "gotchas" (like in Java). It just seems to work as expected. If I had the chance, I would do my assignments in mostly C# and C/C++ (C/C++ because I like having a sense of the stack discipline and knowing that I'm referring to this address, etc).

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    T-SQL, C# and then either VB6 or maybe Powershell scripts in third place. I think I'll give that one to VB6 though, as most of our C# codebase is written more like VB6 code than it should be. Sad

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    C#, Java, and either PHP or (hard to call it).    

    This assumes I'm not counting Power Shell or JavaScript as languages. Otherwise JS would easily be no.2.   

    I wish I could "switch" to using C# exclusively. I wish the .Net libraries were better written (behind the scenes), with the test suite being a core feature, and the compiler had the ability to better optimise my code (e.g. remove function calls entirely - like C).  

    I wouldn't mind having "Unmanaged C#." As stupid as that sounds; I want the C# compiler/output/etc with the same libraries .Net has but all written in unmanaged C#. 

    C++ could be that if it wasn't so fugly, inconsistent, and wouldn't spit out incomprehensible debug information when something goes wrong. 

    PS - Don't even talk to me about managed C++; that brings all of C++'s problems and then piles more on top. 


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    C# and SQL myself. A bit JavaScript and jQuery for browser. I hope there are more places using C#. It would be cool if MS officially support some other major platforms.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    C# all the way

    and now with the likes of MONO Droid and MONO IOS I can continue to use C# on the tablet platforms that matter at the moment. Though with Windows Tablet that might change as they appear to be de-emphasizing .Net manages languages in favor of going back to C++. (SHUDDER!)

    In the coming time frame I might have to switch over to JavaScript on the client side to work with HTML5 as they also appear to be de-emphasizing Silverlight. For now though... its C# all the way...

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Blue Ink

    C++ whenever I can, but more and more stuff gets done in C#, at least at the first iteration. Some bastardized C idioms for embedded work, but also this is getting offset by C# (through .NET MF) for low frequency stuff.

    I would gladly give up C (the horrible dialects) and javascript, if there were valid alternatives; to me they feel more and more like a plunger: they are indispensable, at times, and get the job done, but never provide a pleasant experience.

    To be honest, there are languages I love more than C, C++ and C#; the problem is none of them provides enough advantages to make me want to take the backward incompatibility hit and switch.

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    In order of most recently used, EcmaScript, T-Sql, vb, C#. I've written quite a lot of EcmaScript recently, and really enjoy t-sql. Working with xml in vb is a breeze, and c# has a great community.  


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    c# and SQL I guess. Although if you follow me on twitter you will see that this week I had to go back to C++ after 15 years this week to work around an interop bug and, oh, it wasn't pretty Big Smile

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    It's pretty obvious Microsoft would be making a big mistake to kill de-emphasize C# in favor of JavaScript or C++.

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    Dr Herbie

    C# and T-SQL pretty much exclusively.

    I have used Powershell for our test-system installation scripts, but they change so rarely that making a change is like having to learn Powershell all over again.


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    C# for programming, XML and XAML for markup. I don't like not having non-nullable types.

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    VB.NET and T-SQL - occasionally VBA.

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    1. Java
    2. Bash script (POSIX shell)
    3. TCL


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    Currently, and for the past year:

    1.  C++
    2.  C#
    3.  T-SQL

    It's a tough decision between a combination of VB6 and VB.NET and T-SQL, but I'm pretty sure I do more T-SQL.  Before this past year, I was using C# much more frequently, but I'm doing more and more C++ it seems.

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    • Prefer C# by far.
    • Do C/C++ and some Java at work. I do write some work related test tools in C#.
    • All pet projects are in C# although I also have a pet project that involves a mix of C# and ARM assembly (.Net -> ARM crosscompiler).
    • I worked for a short amount of time on a Flex/Java project at work, but fortunately was able to get out of that one after I realized how horrific the development environment was.

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