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    C#, Java, and either PHP or (hard to call it).    

    This assumes I'm not counting Power Shell or JavaScript as languages. Otherwise JS would easily be no.2.   

    I wish I could "switch" to using C# exclusively. I wish the .Net libraries were better written (behind the scenes), with the test suite being a core feature, and the compiler had the ability to better optimise my code (e.g. remove function calls entirely - like C).  

    I wouldn't mind having "Unmanaged C#." As stupid as that sounds; I want the C# compiler/output/etc with the same libraries .Net has but all written in unmanaged C#. 

    C++ could be that if it wasn't so fugly, inconsistent, and wouldn't spit out incomprehensible debug information when something goes wrong. 

    PS - Don't even talk to me about managed C++; that brings all of C++'s problems and then piles more on top.