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Niner Language Survey

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    Primarily C#, although I can use whatever language is appropriate for the platform I'm developing for. C# seems to be the appropriate choice for Windows 7 for example, and C++ is appropriate for embedded programming, and JavaScript is my choice for web programming. 

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    C#, T-SQL, Javascript.

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    • C#
    • C++

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    1. VB.NET
    2. T-SQL

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    C++ & C#

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    1. Java (loving Android development in Eclipse)
    2. C#
    3. T-SQL

    We still have a ton of VB6 legacy code too but fortunately I haven't been called down to the dungeons to work on it in quite some time. That said when I did work in VB6 I tended to get much more done. I was hoping to look into using Lightswitch to see if that really could work for LOB CRUD screens but now that Microsoft has effectively killed development of Silverlight that idea is out the window. Metro is a no-go because our corporate customers don't move to the next version of Windows quick enough and it's locked into W8. The vibe I'm getting is that they will probably skip W8 altogether.

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    My top 3:

    1. VB.NET
    2. VB6
    3. PL/SQL

    I can't really complain. VB6 is an incredibly productive language. If it had some of the more modern features that .NET has (fully OO, multi-threaded), I'd probably enjoy it more. PL/SQL isn't too bad either. Oracle can be very powerful when you need it to be.

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    Maddus Mattus

    1. C#
    2. JavaScript

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    I'll chime in as well...

    1. Pascal (dialect);  simplicity and homogeneity which turns into annoying constraints when attempting to do anything resembling generic programming.
    2. C#;  pragmatic and appropriate for most applications; using it as a scripting language from Linqpad; an amazing combo.
    3. F#;  elegant, succint and very generic.
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    C#, PL/SQL - T-SQL, and probably JavaScript Embarassed

    ...and PowerShell whenever I can find an excuse Wink

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    , PerfectPhase wrote

    C#, T-SQL, Javascript.

    Same here. Wink

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    Will switch to C++ after I finish my current Windows Phone project.

    I used C++ for many years, then switched to C# when it came out. I appreciated the simplicity of C# by comparison, but I think I will be able to handle going back to C++.

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    C# for any application,
    C (not C++) for anything that needs to be fast or native (like a driver)
    and a slightly disappointing amount of x86/x64 assembly code :/ 

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    We're taught C++ for data analysis and chemical modelling, although I believe the course has been taught in VB and Matlab in the past.

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    , GoddersUK wrote

    We're taught C++ for data analysis and chemical modelling, although I believe the course has been taught in VB and Matlab in the past.

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    i use c# for developing  applications for WEB and Desktop

    and T-SQL


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    C# (XAML w/ Expression Blend and to Visual Studio when I need to actually write code)

    Delphi when I want to get something done

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