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No Unit Tests in VS 11?

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    Can't tell if it is because it is a beta, or because they've removed Unit Testing from 11 professional? You can still run them, but you cannot make them and even reading the documentation it seems inconsistent with the UI (no Unit Test explorer).     

    Anyone got any insight on this? Lack of Unit Testing is by far the most annoying thing of having to develop in Express (don't ask!) and if they have removed it from professional it seems even more unlikely that I'll ever get the useful toys. 

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    Haven't installed it yet, so I'm not speaking from experience, but the Toolbox video uploaded on here earlier today showed changes they've made to unit testing in the IDE, including automatic running of the tests when you compile. So no, they've not removed unit testing.

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    There's meant to be a new fancy test runner, along the lines of ReSharper, that will run nUnit, xUnit, MSTest etc.

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    Unit Test is listed as a feature of Pro SKU here

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