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    , PeterDouglas wrote


    I am aware of that site but I came here because people say you guys are all that! I thought this is where good programmers hang. Perhaps I was mistaken. People here seem rather unfriendly, unpolite and down right insulting in my humble opinioon.

    But that is OK. It is OK to be insulting, elitist but so far, I  have only seen talk and no action. None of you could solve the issue but just point me to MSDN.

    I offer you $500 and I just get insult back.

    That is just weird.

    I'm sorry if you feel you've been slighted on this forum - there's certainly lots of folk here who have short tempers, and there have been several new folk who turn up and demand answers to questions assuming that we at C9 are somehow obliged to answer.

    There's also lots of people on this forum who probably could write what you're asking for, but what you're not really appreciating is that $500 for the amount of work that is involved to get it working is still pretty low, and without escrow nobody here is going to do work for some guy who might just run off with the code and not pay the bills.

    You might not have got a fully working C# implementation of what you're asking for within minutes of arriving here, but you've got more than you'd get in most other places - i.e. you've had people tell you what APIs you need to call to get the information you want, and you've had people tell you precisely how SysInternals gets the information internally.

    All that's left is the manual work physically bolting it all together, and that is probably better served by finding someone else who knows how to do Pinvokes and is willing to help you write a DbgHelp wrapper, or by putting your money in escrow on a site like vWorker and then cross posting the link here so that people might actually trust that the money will materialize after the work has been done.

    Alternatively, you could probably have a go at implementing it yourself and ask questions here for help along the way - most people are happy to help for free if you ask nicely.

    Sorry if that sounds rude, but that's just how it goes.