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No-one has mentioned "The Nineys" survey on the home page ...

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    All this talk of passports and visas makes me wonder if ESTA applications to enter the US are valid for more than one trip.

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    Sven Groot

    @kettch: The timing of the Nineys is irrelevant. I needed to extend my visa for Japan this year, and that has to be done around this time. It takes them a certain amount of time, and I would've done it exactly now also without the Nineys. It's just the timing of MIX that makes it more tight that usual.


    The note they stapled to my passport says that a decision regarding my visa extension will be made in the period of April 1st until the 15th. My old visa expires on April 5th, but I can legally remain in Japan until two months after it expires if I've applied for extension and a decision has not been made. However, the problem is that my re-entry permit expires with my visa, and I don't think it's possible to get a new one until a decision regarding my visa has been made. Without a re-entry permit, I cannot get back into Japan after leaving it (and I cannot leave Japan without giving up my Alien Registration).


    So if the decision isn't made before I leave for Vegas, I can't go. And of course, if they decide not to extend my visa I'll have to leave Japan and also won't be able to come to Vegas, but I don't think that's particularly likely.


    Personally, I'm not too worried. It's quite likely they'll notify me of the decision before the expiry of my current visa, which is April 5th.

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    , Bas wrote

    All this talk of passports and visas makes me wonder if ESTA applications to enter the US are valid for more than one trip.

    ESTAs are valid for many trips until the ESTA itself expires (you can renew after that). I know this from experience.

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    As some of you might know I won the Channel 9 competition for a Mix ticket this year.

    Sadly I have just had to give up on it as flights for this particular week seem to be through the roof (It's half term in the UK which may have something to do with it).


      (Was intending to fly/drive from LA as the direct fares to Vegas are even worse!)

    NB I have let Jennifer know so there may be another ticket up for someone who isn't quite so far away!

    Oh, and in case you feel sorry for me it's my own fault - have spent way too much time doing WP7 apps when I should have been looking for work!

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    Just had another 'price alert' email from Kayak - flights have gone up again by an average of $50 - wierdly that makes me feel a little bit better! 

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    The Channel 9 Guy Strutting Down the Red Carpet

    Channel 9 celebrates its community by honoring those with the greatest impact on the technical community.  The winners of the inaugural Nineys will be announced at MIX, and you might get a special invite to the red carpet.  Stay tuned for more deets.

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