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View Thread: Nobody's talking about the US WP7 Release?
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    Lord Zarquon


    , PerfectPhase wrote

    @felix9:  I registered 10 days ago, still waiting on geotrust to approve me.  The thing is this all seems a bit over kill to me as all I want to do is download my app to my phone.  If I wanted to publish an app in the Market place I wouldn't mind the wait.

    I had the same problem (actually waited 15 days). The App Hub is screwed up. You need to submit an app before Microsoft will send the request to GeoTrust. I made a dummy Windows Mobile 6 app and a second after I finished the submission process I received the email from GeoTrust.

    Here's a link to my WinMo app on Skydrive if you want to grab and submit it: