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    , AndyC wrote


    Which is why Nokia are releasing a phone that also doesn't have an option for Micro-SD. And 99% of the people shopping for a new phone won't pay any attention to that at all.

    All the noise about this is, yet again, purely in the realms of geekdom where the very notion of releasing a product which doesn't have every possible option is apparently deemed foolish. The rest of society not only doesn't care, but is usually quite happy in the simplicity that reducing options brings.

    (grrr, thought I clicked submit on this last night)

    I'm sorry to sound too crazy... but...



    ... you hit the nail right on the head in a way most are not keen to admit.

    While lines about how much memory should be enough for anyone or if anyone would actually want a PC in their house have been thrown around for far too long... there is one key one I like to go back to at times like this:

    [quote]No wireless.  Less space than a nomad.  Lame.[quote]

    Anyone care to guess where that came from?

    ... I'll give you a second...

    That'd be from Slashdot founder Rob Malda (aka CmdrTaco) in this very noteworthy article on Slashdot back in 2001... to the announcement of the iPod.

    Back then... one well known geek lambasted the iPod... and just look at it now.