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    , magicalclick wrote


    I understand your approach. I too use forum as a way to gather user voices. And losing a seemly basic feature you are looking for is very frustrating. But are you really going to skip Lumia920 for this reason?

    Not wanting to offend, but did you actually read what I wrote?

    I started off by stating (quite clearly, I thought) that although I notice lots of forum complaints about this missing feature, I personally do not see what all the fuss is about, as 32GB does seem like a lot of storage space to me. 

    I was then told that I was wrong for suggesting it was not important, and I absolutely agree that it may be a major marketing mistake to leave it out, if it proves to be deal-breaker for people in the market for such top-end devices, although I still don't get the need to store that much data on a mobile phone.

    Personally, I'm very unlikely to buy a 920 (or any other smart-phone) in the near future, as my trusty old Nokia 6310 GSM phone does all I need - it rings, I answer - but I'm still interested in the technology and the smart-phone market.

    However, I think I should stop arguing now, as I'm not sure I'm making any useful point.