I plan to go to an AT&T store today and upgrade my Lumia 900.

However I wonder about the effectiveness of Nokia doing an exclusive with AT&T... I called a few AT&T stores around me on Wednesday to find out whether the charging plate was included for free when picking up at an AT&T store on Friday, (as per AT&T's own press release). The reps I talked to barely knew what a Lumia 920 was, and knew even less about the charging plate deal. I had to direct them to their own press release so that they could have a clue what I was talking about.

If this is the magical exclusive that is going to save Nokia in the US then I have a bad feeling about it.

@TexasToast: Tethering better work on the Lumia 920 when I upgrade. I'm paying $50 for the 5GB data plan because that is the only plan that works with tethering. I'm sure in your case it was just because the phone was not yet officially released on their network.