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View Thread: Nokia 920 Windows 8 Phone available today -ATT
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    , magicalclick wrote

    I pre-ordered on Wednesday online. The site sucked, doesn't work with IE10 intentionally, and with flooded forced iPhone5 advertising, but, I managed to order it online. You have to order the black charge plate itou want it free, not other colors.

    900 has loud speaker compare to my HTC Surround, so, 920 should be as good.

    Order it from stores? They are going to annoy you by asking why you want to have Windows Phone and more forced advertising by telling you to buy other phones.

    I already have 3 windows phones... But much better is that I'm not the quiet customer who shows patience, I'm the guy on a mission... and I'd jump at the chance to bash iWhatever.

    Now my older HTC Surround has much better sound (Dolby Mobile, SRS wow hd) than my kids' newer Samsung Focus. I'm curious if the Nokia 920 is as good and I really doubt it will be -- not just loudness but sound quality.