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Nokia Play To DLNA and Windows Vista/WMP11

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    Hey - just wondering if anyone's had any success getting the Nokia Play To DLNA server app to talk to WMP11 on Vista (or any other version of Windows/WMP, for that matter)? Try as I might neither device will see the other Perplexed Interestingly my router only shows the PC as having a UPnP media server attached... I have media sharing enabled and have successfully used it to connect this PC to other PCs in the past.

    Any suggestions?

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    When I install Linada I can stream media from my PC but, so far as I understand it, the app is also supposed to detect the PC as a media player and control play back there (Linada isn't a DLNA server but it's description says you should be able to use it to control playback on a remote device).

    For some reason the phone won't pick the PC's DLNA client up (although the router currently lists the PC has having both a UPnP MediaServer and a UPnP MediaRenderer Perplexed). I think it may be something to do with the way WP7.5 operates on the network?

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