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    The next significant challenge to tinker is the accessories (protective covers, etc).

    For iPhone and Samsung phone series, accessories designed for them can be easily found. But when I went to find a case with protective cover for my lumia 920 phone last night, only one shop offers case and cover for Lumia phones and they only got Lumia 800/900, not the newer models.

    Even finding cover for brands like LG is much much easier. If anyone from Microsoft Marketing for winphone is here, please do something about this... I don't mind to go to a Nokia Pro shop to buy this...

    I DO note that some online shop from China offers Lumia cover and cases, but my previous experience of buying those protective "wrapping" is problematic (they're too small for the model they "claimed" to fit, and the coloring got sticked to the phone itself after it got wet with some raindrops) makes me refrain from testing them again...