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View Thread: Nokia goes up and Apple goes down.
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    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    Of course you Microsoft apologists will say that resolution/form factor is unnecessary even though the Galaxy Note II is selling quite well.

    Glad to see Microsoft is well on their way to copying Apple (except the market share part of course Perplexed ).

    Yeah, it's pathetic.

    What Microsoft needs is a Putin. 90s Microsoft under Gates was something like the Soviet Union - feared, maybe hated, but respected. 2000s Microsoft is like Russia under Jelzin: Trying to score by following the liberalization trend of  the western countries/Apple yet utterly failing at it. And lead by a bumbling wanna-be who put everything into chaos. Putin put the ship back on track and replaced the new "democracy-loving" anthem with the Soviet hymn, although modified. He also didn't try to out-liberal the west and tightened the security up. It's not especially liked, but it's working far better than the Jelzin years.

    MS needs such a re-focus under a new leader too. They aren't the hipsters nor a luxury brand and competing with Apple on this is pure madness. Stop this obsession! It's leading to nowhere. They should also retire their faux FOSS friendliness. I would rather deal with the old "evil empire" MS of the 90s than this foolish laughing stock it is now.