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View Thread: Nokia goes up and Apple goes down.
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    , PaoloM wrote

    You guys are *adorable* in your tinfoil hats Smiley

    Tinfoil hats? Really? My opinion that Sinofsky was a dictator and Ballmer is a terrible CEO makes me paranoid? I'd expect tinfoil to be reserved by those who fear Google's, Microsoft's, or Facebook's collection of personal data. C'mon Paolo you can do better than that.

    Seems like Microsoft's own employee's would agree with me on Ballmer and Forbes & CNBC agrees as well. I'd love to see a few analysts write up a good review of Ballmer but that would have to mean he actually accomplished something positive for the company. Strike that: he did do one good deed -- helping Sinofsky in his decision to leave Microsoft.

    As for Sinofsky just take your pick:

    No doubt Sinofsky was masterful at bringing a product to the marketplace but IMO he did so by leaving Windows 8 very much an unfinished story all to meet shipping deadlines. Furthermore he began believing he was enough of a visionary that he no longer needed to listen to Microsoft partners and users (again IMO). What we get is a good tablet OS with little app support and a thousand little cuts for the rest of us desktop users. Hell if the future is Windows Store Apps at least make the experience for Windows RT users a little more uniform by migrating all of the control panel stuff to PC Settings. I mean adding a Bluetooth stereo headset need not be such the "joy" it that it is in W8 today... Perplexed


    With that perspective I'd have to agree. IMO, Sinofsky was a great process engineer IMO but he was no visionary and refused to believe otherwise.

    It just kills me of all of the miss-steps Microsoft has made over the past decade (starting with Vista). Years back I bought my daughter an HP convertible laptop because I thought Microsoft was on it's way to owning that space in tablets and pen computing. OneNote sold me and I'd hoped from the failed Origami experiment that they would have learned their lessons and put out something more akin to the Courier. Unfortunately "brighter" minds prevailed driving Windows everywhere and Super Duper COM++ (WinRT).