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Nokia keynote at MWC

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    .. is just starting:

    New 41 Megapixell technology, Awesome new WP7 Apps and a new high (900) and low (Lumia 610) end WP7 phones:


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    While I skipped the Asha stuff there was lots of information there.
    You can tell how the people in Europe are still interested in Symbian but the North Americans just want to ask why they don't just drop it completely and concentrate only on WP7. 

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    I'm really not sure I understand the logic in continuing Symbian, it's almost like they've gone some way towards developing it's new functionality and there is some internal desire to keep going that way rather than focus everything on Windows Phone. It still seems a somewhat schizophrenic strategy.

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    Well, i think Nokia still continues Symbian, because it allows them to use hardware that WP7 doesn't support.

    But i think everybody was expecting a lot more from Nokia and Windows Phone. I would like to see some strategy, especially in case of software. If Nokia can't deliver more powerfull WP devices, because only Apollo will support better hardware, they must at least stand out on the software side.

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