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Nokia lost 1.2B, will likely lose the same next Q

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    I realize this has very little with Windows Phone, and much more with Symbiam's demise, but still, I think that with a few hundred thousend employees nokia could have supported Windows Phone and android lessening the risk.

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    How would supporting Android lessen the risk?  Just ask HTC how well they are doing now.  Nokia would have been lost in a sea of Android phones.

    Nokia would have also lost out on the Microsoft parachute if they would have supported Android as well.  Microsoft isn't going to let Nokia fail.  There has been too much invested already.

    Honestly Nokia has said all along that it is going to get worse before it gets better.  I am expecting a turn around by the end of the year and probably not before.

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    Blue Ink

    @fanbaby: If Nokia wanted to play it safe it would have gone all-in with Android. Survival would be guaranteed, but being a latecomer to that crowd on top of being a latecomer to the smartphone party could have led to irrelevance.

    They took the only bet that had a chance of paying big (sprinkle all the conditionals you wish) by trying to become the de facto reference hardware for the WP platform, attempting to be identified with it. You may like the UI or not, but at least it's distinctive and unmistakable and that makes a difference when every phone looks like a black monolith to the casual observer.

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    The Nokia results do not contain *any* Lumia 900 sales info. The Lumia 900 was released only two weeks ago in the US, after the Nokia quarter ended.

    It will be released in other regions in the next few weeks I believe,  so let's see what it looks like next quarter now that we finally have a good Windows phone that is pushed hard.

    BTW, Symbian was in a tail spin before the Nokia/MS partnership. For some reason people seem to forget this and love to link Nokia's current problems with WP7. Nor sure why people have a problem understanding this. Such a major transition doesn't happen overnight.

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    @BitFlipper:One thing I have in mind is that users do not have incentive to buy it until their carrier implemented 4G support.

    Seeing small city such as Hong Kong just have the first 4G network go live in Feb this year, and most others will have 4G ready in lower half of the year, we may still have to wait and see the true market acceptence of this phone.

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