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    @Erisan: Nokia dominated WinPh market. I am sorry for HTC because I am Taiwanese. They have a good colorful 8X, but, Nokia gets a amazing deal with my carrier. I mean 100buck!!!! For Lumia 920 awesome night camera and glovy screen. Even adds free wireless charging plate. It is very hard to say no to such amazing deal. I am still glad HTC follow up with colorful design, even though it comes with big tradeoff, all the WinPh8 ads from MS featuring HTC phone show one message, it is colorful, and people's first impression it is a Lumia without looking at phone's logo. HTC needs to stay in colorful market if it wants to break that stereotype. as for Nokia, just looking at amount of debates on other site, I am delighted. It used to be, no one cares except WinMo fans complaining. Finally there is enough WinPh users to defend and insecured competing fans shooting flames. Finally people care.