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View Thread: OK, Microsoft has gone crazy
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    The uproar of the Win8 demo and the comments about HTML/JavaScript were very damaging. Not just to Microsoft, but to the independent developers who now have "hard sells" when trying to get their customers to spend any money using pretty much any Microsoft tech. They should have learned from the Muglia disaster, but they didn't. They made a much bigger mistake this time around.

    Then we get "official" word from Microsoft employees that they can't comment about this. We're supposed to "just wait until BUILD" when supposedly they'll be able to tell us that the concerns were unfounded. Of course, that means until September there will be nothing but an increase in developer angst, and I'm sure several contracts lost by independent developers. Stupid. Microsoft really stepped in it, worse than they ever have (which is saying a lot, it seems).

    But wait. It doesn't stop there.

    What's special about BUILD? It will be the first broad hands-on unveiling of the
    next version of Windows and its new app model featuring HTML5 and
    JavaScript. In short, building Web-connected apps for the next Windows is as
    easy as building for the modern Web.

    Really? If the official stance is that nothing more can be said about this disaster until BUILD, why the hell is an official blog piling onto the problem? Why are you saying ANYTHING at this point. Either lift the gag and alleviate some of the FUD, or shut the F up! How hard is it to understand this? Microsoft is imploding right now, and some major damage control is needed. Do NOT make it worse by continuing to communicate the wrong message, no matter how important you think it is to promote your shiny new toy.

    Sorry for the rant, but in my mind this has just escalated beyond anything I could have ever expected.