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    , vesuvius wrote

    Apple or Java? What exactly do you do that makes you unsure about choosing two completely divergent technologies?

    If I am honest, this is selfish of me, and self preservation at its most obvious. I worry about my future. I work for myself, and up till this announcement I was constantly turning work down because of the interest there is in WPF. I had a meeting with some senior management today, that are concerned about the announcement. This is a greenfield project written in WPF, they need to be certain that they can build on top of the WPF framework for at least the next decade, and not only that it will be supported, but that further enhancement will be made. WPF is by no means optimized. In this internet age bad news travels fast and I fear I may be out of work with no-one willing to further invest in WPF until clarity is provided.

    We have a saying in Italy, that basically translates to: put your * in a bowl of cold water and calm down.

    I should not need to be doing this at all. I took a decision, after a lot of information from DPE and Microsoft that there was a future in the platform. WPF is huge and it takes a long time to be proficient. Even if I make another bad decision and bet on Apple, nothing will compare with this. I think it injudicious (at best) to have a user base of millions of .NET application developers and say to them. Look now millions of web developers are going to do your job, and don't worry in the mean time, we will speak with you in three months or so. If that isn't a perfect recipe for indignation, I don't know what else is?

    It is apparent that you just hear what you want to hear.

    Sure, .NET will not be present in Windows 8. Everything will have to be coded in HTML5/JavaScript and there will be a special runtime agent (written in HTML5/JavaScript, of course) that will kill any other process running on the machine. DevDiv have been officially dissolved a year ago and there won't be any more tools or updates to WPF or Silverlight. Actually, Silverlight 5 beta never happened, it was just a dream..NET developers (or at least the ones that post on forums) are not a bunch of retards that react like headless chickens whenever anything new is shown to them.

    Are you feeling better now?