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View Thread: OK, Microsoft has gone crazy
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    , ScanIAm wrote


    You pitch software based on how your customer, client, or organization thinks:

    Customer DispositionTech
    Play It SafeWinforms/ASP.Net
    Lookin to the FutureWPF/SL
    OOOOOh Shiny!HTML5/JS

    if only it was that simple....

    yes a lot of this is nutty marketing bs where MS is trying to say they are with it.

    and that's the problem, MS does not have the patented iRDF that another company has...

    they are not making the message convincing, they are just making it totally apperent that they are playing "catch up" and that makes the whole thing end up looking lame.

    it sucks on so many levels as really MS did do a ton of work that lead to a huge amount of what's happening today... but with the average 5 minute attention span most folks never know the truth.

    IE:  Media center, Tablet PC, MS AJAX (the first one), PocketPC etc....  all of them have driven a lot of the stuff that has just now taken off in a big way (in the last 1-2 years)

    MS did them ... others are now getting credit for the first mass market consumer products that we have seen.

    Now MS wants to get in on it but looks like they came late to the game that they helped start.