, vesuvius wrote

As someone that has invested in .NET in general, up to and including WPF, I will change to Apple or Java, depending on what transpires.

Apple or Java? What exactly do you do that makes you unsure about choosing two completely divergent technologies?

 I am not afraid of learning something new, but it seems a waste of time investing in a company that keeps rewriting and reinventing the wheel.

Then Apple is out for you. You may want to ask Adobe and that Carbon64 affaire...

There is not a hope in hell that I will continue to be a .NET developer should this hyperbole turn out to be prescience. Not a hope in hell!

We have a saying in Italy, that basically translates to: put your * in a bowl of cold water and calm down.

I find very healthy to start with these assumptions: You know nothing. And nobody is out to get you because, well, nobody really cares about you.

Makes for a much better lifestyle.