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Odd Win8 limit decision

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    I upgraded my brothers computer from Win7 to Win8 then discovered that his monitor didn't have a high enough resolution for "Metro" apps.

    Fortunately the video card supports two monitors, so I plugged in an additional old CRT monitor I had.

    Now I can start a Metro app, and drag it onto the unsupported monitor, and it just works.

    Seems like a pointless limitation that I have to do the run around of starting the app on the other monitor first.

    The low res monitor is 720p resolution.

    Yes, I know I can upgrade the monitor. That's my brothers decision. His income is somewhat limited as he is on disability from a 1981 car accident.

    By the way, when will Moore's law get cars to be more advanced so we can get the number of people killed by them each year - currently at 1 million - reduced?

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    Ebay - I've seen so much good stuff going for a song lately, I can only assume it's well-heeled consumers migrating from PCs to Tablets.

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    @Proton2: Not to cast blame, but cars don't kill people and "accidents" are almost always preventable. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the driving public practices very unsafe driving.

    On the monitor front, you could always check Craigslist or something if Ebay is too much. You could probably pick up something decent.

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    I experienced the same limitation on eeePC with Windows 8. A small registry 'adjustment' fixed the problem. You may be able to apply the same technique to your problem. It might just work... Bing Asus eeePC and Windows 8....



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