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    Microsoft not only annoys Windows users users with W8, but Office users as well! (No.1 cash cow)
    Just look at the MASSIVE dissatisfaction, that the new Office UI generates:

    Office hate 1
    Office hate 2

    These design hipsters that Ballmer let run wild without supervision are doing some heavy splash damage. 

    Some posts from the Office front:

    As recent user of MS Officer 2013 I was amazed at how poor the UI color scheme
    was. When I first installed the 2013 suite I thought something had been
    corrupted or perhaps I was running in safe mode. I attempted to use the various
    applications but found Outlook to be totally unusable for any period of time.

    We develop software products ourselves and the Office 2013 GUI would
    never have made it through Alpha, it is totally unfit for purpose.

    Hey developers, my eyes can't take it any-more. Just installed MS office 2013 and after reading some word documents,
    my eyes are burning like hell. (and yes my i had set my monitor brightness to loo)
    This interface has "too" high contrast colours, is there anyway to change the colour scheme? or any dark interface like Photoshop cs6..?

    Please...PLEASE...someone tell me there is a way to change the Office 2013 RTM themes beyond just a grey-scale look. All I can see is "White", "Light Grey", and "Dark Grey"...which is equivalent to "Stormtrooper White", Stormtrooper Light Grey", and "Stormtrooper Dark Grey". Did the Adams Family design the Office 2013...because everything looks like a flat-styled death theme compared to Office 2010. I'm quite literally getting eye-strain from it. I can see a headache coming on if I try to use this all day.

    Is there some option I'm missing, some third-party add-on, a registry tweak...or ANYTHING that will add a blue, tan, or any other splash of real color to Office 2013? Also, is there some way to add some depth to the slider bars? Everything looks so flat....and dead. I'm working with these tools all day long...and it's like I'm living in a Twilight Zone episode. I feel depressed after using Office 2013.

    I have to agree. Been programming and selling computer systems since 1978. I remember my first shipment of IBM PCs. I was selling CP/M machines before then. In any case I also thought, "This is Multimate!" or Volkswriter. This is a throwback to green/amber/paper white monitors. This is horrible. I never thought a visual interface could ruin a product, but this does. It is just unusable. We will be uninstalling it on our test machines and recommending our company does not use it for the time being. Windows 8 is bad enough, but this is too much to take.

    Why is the text on the right click menu GREY? I can hardly see it. It should be BLACK. Also I associate grey with being an option that is unavailable so it's just plain wrong as it stands. The lighter shade of grey is almost invisible.

    LCD monitors are notoriously bad at displaying subtle shades of grey to the point where this the latest greatest version of office is pretty much useless. JUST WHY? It's not cool to make software this hard to use on a wide range of TN screen which are common place.

    Skins limited to 3 shades of grey with no colour customisation. This can't be right in 2013? There is no such thing as MODERN. Repeat NO SUCH THING AS MODERN. We have been modern since art deco in the 1930's and the person who thinks they are doing something trendy new design is just plain wrong. Excel is about productivity and getting work done efficiently and not some stupid fashion statement. Quit being tards and make some high contrast skin that is easier to use.

    1) People don't all share the same perfect eyesight.

    2) TN monitors absolutely cannot display subtle differences in pale shades of grey.

    Spreadsheets are one of the most dull and boring things ever devised yet you managed to make it even more unappealing. That's just funny and given the options available I think google have a chance to catch 90% of office software users.

    Seriously - this the latest office + windows 8 has me looking seriously at alternatives.


    I just got a brand new computer, wiped it, loaded up Windows 8 RTM and Office 2013.  I highly debated going with Windows 7 instead as I'm not a big fan of the Metro interface on a Desktop, but decided I'll give Windows 8 another chance (I had only run the Release Preview previously).

    Now that I've got Office 2013 loaded on and opened my email, I'm thinking I would have been better off with my initial inclinations.  My eyes are actually pretty good and I usually look at computers all day and have for many years now, but this new Office 2013 scheme is terrible!  Even with the dark gray it's not dark enough.  Give me a Black or a Blue or something better than this!

    First getting rid of the option to turn off transparency in Windows Aero and now my Office looks and feels like crap.  Heck, I'll even accept a binary file edit via a HEX Editor to fix it at this point!

    It's rare I make a comment in a public forum such as this, but I have to completely agree.

    The Office 2K13's Themes (or lack of) indeed needs to change, perhaps have more flexibility.

    It's pretty bad - and I've been around MS Office products since some of you were still in grammar school.

    Have a little insight that many professionals are still going to use workstations/laptops (flat-screens) versus tablets for a couple of years. Trying to keep our customers in mind along with our finances when we recommend/install the products in many businesses. I'm not so certain this feature (lack of) will be a big selling point for us who are promoting and waving our MS flags.  Being a consultant, we're working hard to (re)sell the products and grow our installation base.

    As a consultant and IT director, I'll simply hold off making any recommendations to my business partners and clients in hopes the interface gets some sort of flexibility introduced into the product for people working in office environments.

    Why the heck is such a piss-off to the existing user base needed? What's the goal?