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One thing I want from WLE.

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    A CD/DVD/BR burning utilities. Win7 onlyburn iso, but, not making the iso images. I still need 3rd party app for it. If they can have a burnning utility having iso maker, I wouldn't have to use 3rd party app anymore.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    ImgBurn does everything for me, and doesn't come with any junk (unlike say, Nero), it's free too.

    Can you elaborate on the "making ISOs" part? Do you mean making a disc image from a directory structure on disk, or making an ISO from an existing CD?

    I think Windows needs an ISO-mounting tool more than it needs an ISO-maker. I use DaemonTools for want of a better solution.

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    Virtual CloneDrive is a better solution.

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    I think it would be cool if Windows could mount ISO images natively instead of just buring them. There are a bunch of apps that already do that, but having the basic functionality built in the OS would be a good light weight alternative I would appreciate (just like the current ZIP support). If you want more power you can always install a third party app, but for most computers at work I only need to read a few ISO images once form the server when doing clean installs or upgreades.

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    I often use a virtual computer to access an ISO. Sometimes I will then copy the contents to a VHD within the virtual computer then attach the VHD from within Windows 7 when I need to access the contents.

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    giovanni: "I think it would be cool if Windows could mount ISO images natively instead of just buring them."

    Someone: Those who who don't use Unix are doomed to reivent it!

    We see this over and over in Windows. One example: command line importance.

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    I know this is shameless, but if you want one in WPF that you can style and improve to your liking, then gohere.

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    @magicalclick: Why do you want to create an .iso image? This seems like something a proffesional software developper would do. Not really something fot the consumer brand Windows Live right?

    If you are talking about creating DVD's with fance menu's , picture DVD's with slideshows. You haveWindows DVD Maker at your disposal in Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows 7 Home Premium (or higher).


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    What is wrong with 3rd party apps?

    ImgBurn, as mentioned before, is freeware and works perfectly..

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    @fanbaby: I don't understand what you mean. I have worked almost three years on Unix Solaris 8 and 9 and I don't want to reinvent anything at all.

    There is a fine line for what should be included with an OS and what shouldn't: I think that the basic fucntionnality of a virtual drive would be among the things that should/could. The only time I use ISO images is when installing software from a network share (fresh OS install or simply when installing a new software). If the client OS had the possibility to mount the ISO images without installing software, it would make my life simpler (and probably the one of many others). Yes, many linux distros do that already, yes, I think this would be a welcome addition to Windows, no, I am not migrating my office to Unix or Linux because of this.

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    @magicalclick: Can't you just drag what you want to burn to the CD/DVD in Explorer and click burn? This has always worked for me.

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    Just one thing?  So now that WLE 2011 is released, excluding bug fixes I thought I would take a stab at what the next release of *client apps* might look like...

    - Live Mesh: 3rd party application settings/user data syncing, extended IE9 syncing options (passwords, feeds, pinned sites, etc), support for WP7/Zune devices, sync Windows voice/hand recognition profiles, sync Live Photo Gallery people tags
    - Live Photo Gallery: ability to PlayTo from within ui
    - Live Movie Maker: additional upload plugins to 3rd party video services, a long shot but I could see support for people tagging
    - Live Messenger: pin favorite contacts to your taskbar, twitter likely to come before the next major release
    - Live Mail: ability to send video messages
    - Live Writer: enhancements around HTML5
    - Outlook Hotmail Connector/Live Photo Gallery updated to support creating photo emails using Outlook as your default mail client, support To-do syncing.
    - Live Family Safety: maybe some WP7 interface with Family Safety web service.
    - *new* client app - Windows Live Store is a app store for Windows and includes a management console to view/manage licenses across all your devices. May use Live Mesh in some fashion.
    - Long shot (potential legal fight)...include Security Essentials with installer
    - ties between Windows Media Center and Windows Live
    - ties between Windows Home Server and Windows Live

    On the web app/service side..obviously Office Web Apps will be getting alot of attention.  And SkyDrive UI could definitely benefit from multi-select file operations and the ability to move documents between SkyDrive and Sync'd storage.

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