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    , AndyC wrote

    Signing in with a Microsoft ID is nice and simple and it was neat to see some of the personalization I'd done in previous build auto-magically get carried across. What's not so hot about that is the amount of time I still seem to spend having to click on Microsoft Account login things on websites like C9, MSDN blogs as well as when running stuff like Microsoft Flight or Zune. Isn't the entire point of a single sign-on system like this so that I don't have to keep doing this? It's a tad annoying given that the Windows Live-ID sign in assistant on Windows 7 seemed to do a better job of making this more seamless than it does here.


    This gets me too. MSDN forums, C9, Connect.. everywhere I have to click "sign in" to get signed in. I don't have to provide credentials, but why can't Windows/IE just sign me in automatically?