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One week on Windows 8

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    @Sven Groot: 2 Questions:

    1) Will any version of Visual Studio work on RT? I know VS 2012 will let you develop for RT, but if I buy an RT tablet, will I be able to do any sort of development. (A full PC would be my primary development environment.)

    2) How does 'Right-Click' work on a tablet? Does it exist? Is it a gesture?

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    There is no VS for WinRT - but if you have a full PC and an RT tablet you have the perfect dev environment as you can set up the RT device as your target for development purposes (ie when you hit F5 you deploy over your network/wifi to the tablet).  This works surprisingly well and IMO is preferable to using the emulator/VM device on your PC .

    touch+hold = Right Mouse on the legacy desktop (I don't think it is relevant for the 'new' interface)

    Sorry Sven, just noticed this was aimed at you.

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    Sven Groot

    @Ian2: No problem, I don't have an RT tablet and only run VS2012 on Win8, so I didn't really have the authority to answer (though I would've guessed the right answer anyway).

    Touch+hold has been the touch gesture for right click as far back as the old Windows Mobile OSes (when it was still called PocketPC). It doesn't apply on metro because all right-clicking accomplishes there is showing the app bar, which you get by touch by swiping from the bottom (iirc).

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    @Sven Groot: Depending on the app, you might need to have something selected first. If you swipe down on an object to select it, often that will trigger the AppBar to show with contextual options.

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    So, if I want a win8 tablet, and want to occasionally play with code on it, I should go Pro tablet, or a Win8 hybrid. Gotcha.

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    I also made the transition to Win8 on my main desktop. So far, it's been great with some minor issues I mentioned in my linked post.

    I'm looking forward to the new hardware that will be on the market in the form of tablets or hybrids.  My opinion is that it will be a slow adoption, but it will eventually gain respectable marketshare.

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