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    , magicalclick wrote

    *snip*seriously what's wrong with his idea? Why couldn't MS just simply add an optional setting to say, if not all files are uploaded, prevent shutdown like how Word does it? It is optional. It doesn't even take much to implement as well. For such simple improvement, casual users can have their own peace of mind. I just don't see why must we dismiss his idea. You might not need it. That's your preferences. Some other people will find it useful for such simple feature. This kind of dismissive culture does not improve the product.

    You're sat on a train, make a few last minute edits to some documents for work but there's no internet or power. You need it when you get to your destination, so you save your document, hit shut down and throw it in your bag. When you get to your destination you take the oddly warm laptop out of your bag, see it failed to shut down and the battery is basically dead. You curse Microsoft for their stupid OS not doing what you told it to.

    Things blocking shutdown have repeatedly proved to be a really bad idea.