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    , Craig_​Matthews wrote


    Isn't that really the same argument Raymond Chen made though for why in early builds in Vista, they couldn't resolve the user's full name on the breadcrumb bar EVER because there was the possibility that the laptop would not be on the network and would cause Explorer to hang?

    Doesn't this objection really disappear with:

    if (Internet.Connected){ do the thing }else{ dont do the thing }endif


    ( ) "Delay Shutdown Until Files are Synced (Only when Internet is available)"



    Maybe, but you've re-introduced the original problem only a lot more subtly.

    You write your code on your laptop, save it to OneDrive and have turned on the "Don't shut down till my files are synced" setting. You go to shut down, but unbeknownst to you at the time, the wifi connection drops momentarily (or slows down or whatever other conditions might apply) whilst the machine is waiting to shut down. So now what happens is you've shut the machine down, your source hasn't synced and when you arrive at work, you've got the old version (or worse a half-updated code base).

    Honestly using something like VS Online (which is free) or GitHub (also free) is just a better solution for the problem, precisely because it's purpose built to solve that problem.