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Onine PPI calculator

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    I was reading the thread about the Win8 minimum resolution and found this online PPI calculator.
    It's very useful for getting an idea of how small the pixels will be on a portable device before actually seeing it in person.

    The Lumia 900 would be 216.97 PPI assuming the pixels are square.
    I don't know how this would work on the Lumia 800 which uses a PenTile display but it looks like the Lumia 900 uses the more common type of pixel layout.

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    Maddus Mattus


    Don't you mean DPI?

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    You could have "pixels /inch" or "points /inch"?

    Although when I saw the title of this thread I did think it was some kind of no-win, no-fee payment protection insurance claim spam (payment protection insurance, PPI, is currently the subject of a controversy over miss-selling and compensation claiming in the UK).

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