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    I've been browsing though Coursera recently and the material is really quite good. Dose anyone else here spend much time with these educational sites, and if so which ones?


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    I've been doing Coursera for a few months now. Recently finished Model Thinking and Probability Graphical Models, and sort of relearning Automata Theory (I'd highly recommend Model Thinking, though).

    I've been looking at MIT OpenCourseware too. They're not full classes like Coursera...they only offer lecture slides and assignments. I was looking at their Machine Learning course today.

    Stanford has a few online course initiatives (Coursera is one of them). They seem to be more like coursera.

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    I followed the Scala course from Coursera, and I thought it was particularly good. Though I suppose it ought to have been having been presented by the languages creator. 

    I didn't manage to complete all the assignments due to lack of time, but the videos were great.

    If they run it again I'll have another go and try to get the certificate this time.

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    @JoshRoss:Hello , i'm following Pluralsight in webpage, it's excellent

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    @MasterPie: I'm in the middle of Model Thinking. I find it rather enjoyable.


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    E-Learning lessons as a random VIDEO screensaver
    All learning needs reinforcing. Most adults will freely admit they remember little from their formal education.
    Here's how to enhance retention. Copy the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) lessons like movie pirates do or even better yet get the original video. Then break that video up into multiple 2 to 3 minute MPEG clips. Then moments later have the MOOCs assistant app run randomly picking from those files then selects a random 15 to 20 second segments to play 24X7.
    Having more than one related MOOCs can double the interest.
    Google "e-learning is boring" Not when you have random it isn't.
    For the parts that make genuine points of interest (quizzes), put some LARGE font text in front of that clip segment as a question, then the video clip followed by more text or pictures. A feature plays these 'text-video' groupings randomly!!
    EXAMPLE from 05Dec2013

      2:33 video of making a mocha at jojo's cafe

      1:22 just segments of the above video and text
    No editing - just the original video file using timeline / timecode playback
    The best MOOCs will eventually be taken off-line and be made available as DVD or BlueRay box sets.
    When you have your MOOCs on your computer, that knowledge is yours forever, accessible at any time without an internet connection. What a great way to use up some of that unused disc space.
    See how to use the app at "nobody shares knowledge better than this" This statement remains unchallenged after 2600+ responses.
    If you are interested; send me a DVD or link to a specific MOOC and I'll return your USB stick or DVD set to play randomly.
    See which version you gravitate to; Random or Sequential.

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    @SpectateSwamp1: Welcome back!

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    Thank you for pointing out these websites. I just signed up for the model thinking course.

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    Can you suggest one that is an hour long or so and is video?

    I'd capture that and show you some of it back in random 20 second clips.

    E-learning where the data / book isn't yours isn't fair or sharing.. They want their cut...

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    The first on-line course to look at; is the one just starting. How to use the greatest Personal Learning app. I got to quit bragging so much. It will get me tossed again.

    I don't see most of the commenter's from a few years back. I hope they are OK.

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