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Open TFS & VS

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    Hats off to the TFS and Visual Studio teams on expanding their support for other version control systems. It's this kind or openness (or embrace and extend -- good thing in my book) that makes life as a developer so much easier. Hopefully this is a trend that will continue.

    If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
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    Surprised this didn't get any replies. Git is getting huge, it's starting to strongly displace Subversion in my opinion. Interesting that are "skipping" Subversion entirely and supporting Git in new versions of Visual Studio.

    It's so trivial to use Git or Svn from the command line that I rarely use an IDE for version control, but Eclipse has pretty good support these days.

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    Sven Groot

    Subversion may be easy to use from the command line, but I've been an avid user of TortoiseSVN and AnkhSVN nonetheless. Both are great tools for anyone who uses subversion on Windows.

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