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View Thread: Open source makes windows 8 usable
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    , AndyC wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: And when did I say it did? I explicitly said the sidebar thing is not a Taskbar but more akin to an MRU list. And that trying to bodge on things like Close buttons or Jumplists in order to turn it into one doesn't make sense. I know you love to disagree with everything I say just because I said it, but a least make some effort to be consistent, eh.

    I disagree Andy. I think it does makes sense to have close buttons and good mouse support and jumplists because that's what desktop PCs needs and that's what people say when I plop them in front of W8. W8's new metaphor for applications life cycle et al is for devices. No matter how you try and tap dance around it W8 is a very glitchy, unfinished OS. It's a grand beta test that only a true Microsoft apologist can pile on enough "imagination" to deflect from its detractions. You know stuff like this gem:

    There are very few cases where it's quite as pathological a problem as with Remote Desktop (and even that could probably do better with improvements to the underlying protocol).

    Really? A few cases like remote desktop? Oh and yeah if they'd only improve those pesky protocols...

    I'm not much of a Pinball player but I can't actually get it to do that on my machine (despite launching every Office app, Zune, Visual Studio and having a few games of Minesweeper and Freecell in between). I've got a lot of ram in this machine though, so it's hard to say whether that's atypical.

    Oh yes because it's not a problem on your uber PC with tons of ram it certainly won't be a problem on Windows RT tablets with much less capable processors and a lot less ram. And if it a problem well they just must be holding it wrong.